Introduction to XIdol

XIdol is an innovative SocialFi x DeFi project incorporating familiar GameFi elements, addressing downsides from previous GameFi projects and introducing additional social factors.

Free to start

XIdol offers a fee-free starting point, providing users with a complimentary character to begin their journey. Users can choose to upgrade at their discretion, ensuring a cost-free entry into the XIdol experience.


XIdol operates exclusively on, enabling current X users to seamlessly enjoy the XIdol experience from day 0. By leveraging the existing X platform, XIdol can prioritize delivering enhanced social interactions without the complications of creating an entirely new platform or acquiring new users. All social interactions on X are evaluated by XIdol, and users receive rewards for participating in guided interactions.

The transition from using X to installing XIdol is easy and hassle-free, aiding new users in navigating the blockchain and learning more about cryptocurrencies and NFTs without the need to install wallets and other elements.

XIdol boasts key features, encompassing our SocialFi elements:

  1. P2P rewards distribution system (available in Q1/2024)

  2. Daily mission and rewards system based on interactions on X (available now)

  3. XIdol Virtual City with lands and businesses ready for acquisition (available later)

  4. Meeting and interacting with others in the XIdol Virtual City

  5. Purchasing lands through auctions and opening businesses within XIdol Virtual City

  6. Fan club feature with numerous benefits for both owners and fans

More features will be added in the future.


XIdol employs a dual-token mechanism, enhanced with additional features to safeguard against token inflation. The $XID token functions as the platform's primary token, serving as the main currency within the entire ecosystem. Users can trade $XID for treasure chests, idol boxes, properties, and more.

The $FID token acts as the reward token, primarily used for rewarding users and facilitating P2P item trading. A self-supply mechanism maintains liquidity for $FID by balancing the $XID token reserve within the $FID liquidity pool. Our ultimate goal is to maintain parity in price between the $FID and $XID tokens.

For detailed information about these two tokens, please refer to the Tokenomics page. Additionally, we offer a Staking & Lending system for the $XID token, making it easier for players to participate. For more details, visit the Staking & Lending page.

GameFi Elements

XIdol presents a range of GameFi elements within the system, allowing users to easily familiarize themselves and get started promptly. The intuitive design of XIdol features simplified visuals and detailed instructions, ensuring accessibility for all users.

Every player can own characters known as "Idols." By nurturing these Idols, players can earn rewards by participating in our SocialFi missions and P2P tasks. Each Idol is meticulously crafted by XIdol and serves as a central instrument in the entire system. Idols can collect chests, engage in social events within the XIdol Virtual City, or even become entrepreneurs by trading items within our Virtual City. The possibilities are limitless with XIdol.

XIdol embraces a dynamic array of GameFi elements to elevate the gaming experience for users. The system integrates an engaging and competitive leaderboard, fostering healthy competition among players. Users can showcase their skills and achievements, climbing the ranks and gaining recognition within the XIdol community. Additionally, XIdol incorporates a comprehensive achievement system, offering players a diverse set of challenges and goals to accomplish. These achievements not only provide a sense of accomplishment but also unlock exclusive rewards and privileges within the XIdol ecosystem.

Furthermore, XIdol introduces a unique and innovative NFT (Non-Fungible Token) system, where in-game assets, characters, and properties are tokenized as NFTs. This not only gives players true ownership of their in-game items but also opens up avenues for decentralized trading. Users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs securely, creating a vibrant in-game economy. The integration of NFTs adds a layer of rarity and uniqueness to each in-game item, enhancing the overall gaming experience and providing players with the opportunity to monetize their virtual assets. XIdol strives to redefine the GameFi landscape by blending traditional gaming elements with cutting-edge blockchain technology.

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