Idol Nurturing

Getting rewards by nurturing your idol


XIdol offers a diverse collection of characters for players to acquire. We will introduce new character sets over time. Every new player receives a free character that can evolve into a fully functional one. Initially, free characters can only collect Treasury Chests. To fully utilize them, players must evolve these characters.


XIdol characters come in five rarities, each with unique base stats and earning rates:

  1. Normal (N): Max Energy - 50, Max HP - 50, Max Mood - 20, Earning Rate - 0/hour.

  2. Rare (R): Max Energy - 100, Max HP - 100, Max Mood - 40, Earning Rate - 150/3 hours.

  3. Super Rare (SR): Max Energy - 150, Max HP - 150, Max Mood - 60, Earning Rate - 250/3 hours.

  4. Super Super Rare (SSR): Max Energy - 200, Max HP - 200, Max Mood - 80, Earning Rate - 400/3 hours.

  5. Ultra Rare (UR): Max Energy - 300, Max HP - 300, Max Mood - 120, Earning Rate - 700/3 hours.

All free characters start at Normal rarity and can be upgraded.


  • Energy: Determines earning capability. Energy automatically refilled by 4% every 2 hours. Energy is consumed by 3 points per Normal X Chest opened (other chest may consume more) and 3 points every time you claim the chest on X. Restore energy with Food, Drink, or Special Items.

  • HP: Indicates survival ability. HP drops. HP decreases by 1 point every 2 hours and is restored with HP pills, Medicine, or Special Items. At under 10% of the HP, idol stop earning $FID.

  • Mood: Affects earning rate. Reaching 100% mood activates Fast earning state (120% rate), while dropping to 30% mood triggers Slow earning state (80% rate). Mood drops 1-2 points every 2 hours and is influenced by random events. There are items can keep mood from dropping within a window of time.

Levels and Experience

Characters start at level 1. Normal rarity characters cannot level up. Levels increase by filling the EXP gauge, enhancing earning abilities, unlocking features, and more. Gain EXP by consuming EXP Pills or directly upgrade to a specific level using $XID.

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