Fan Club

Create Fan Club to earn passive rewards and build your own fandom

Empower Your Community with Fan Clubs

Fan Clubs on XIdol aren't just about building a community - they're a unique way to enhance your social experience and reap rewards. As a Fan Club owner, you can grow your influence and earn from your members' successes. Members aren't left out either – they get daily rewards for engaging with community-driven missions.

Benefits for Fan Club Owners:

  • Earning Potential: Receive up to 5% of your members' rewards. It's a win-win as you grow your club and support your members!

  • Community Leadership: Lead your Fan Club, setting tasks and missions that resonate with your community's interests.

Benefits for Fan Club Members:

  • Daily Special Chests: Complete daily missions chosen by your Fan Club owner to receive special chests. Missions are engaging and simple, like interacting with a specific tweet - like, comment, or retweet to claim your reward!

  • Connect with Like-Minded Players: Be part of a community that shares your interests and passion for XIdol.

Choose Your Earning Rate:

  • Standard Earning: As a Fan Club owner, enjoy a 5% earning rate from your members' rewards.

  • Mission-Driven Earning: Opt to activate mission tasks for your club. If you choose this route, you'll earn 2% from your members, fostering a more interactive and engaged community.

How It Works:

  1. Join or Create a Fan Club: Players can either create their own club or join an existing one.

  2. Engage in Missions: Owners set daily tasks based around social media interactions, like engaging with a tweet.

  3. Earn and Collect Rewards: Members complete tasks to earn special chests. Owners earn a percentage of their members' rewards, depending on the chosen earning rate.

Start Your Fan Club Journey Today! Build your community, engage in fun missions, and enjoy the benefits of being part of the vibrant XIdol Fan Club ecosystem. Whether you’re leading or joining, the Fan Club feature is your ticket to a more rewarding XIdol experience!

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