XIdol is pleased to introduce our new referral feature, designed to reward our loyal users for expanding our community. Under this program, referrers will receive a 5% commission on each eligible purchase made by users they refer. However, it is important to note that this benefit applies only if the referred user makes an eligible purchase within 7 days of registering an account on XIdol. Additionally, each purchase made by the referred user will reset this 7-day period.

To qualify for these rewards, referrers must possess at least one Rare or higher-tier character in XIdol. Rewards will not be accumulated for referrers who only own normal-tier characters. The 5% commission will be paid in the same token used by the referred user to make their purchase.

XIdol reserves the right to terminate the participation of any account in the referral program if it is found to be in violation of our terms and conditions. This feature is part of our ongoing commitment to enhance user experience and reward our community for their support and engagement.

Examples of Cases Where Users Receive Rewards:

  1. Successful Referral with Timely Purchase:

    • Scenario: User A refers User B. User B registers on XIdol and makes an eligible purchase of $200 in tokens within 5 days of registration.

    • Outcome: User A receives a 5% commission on User B's purchase, amounting to $10 in the same token currency.

  2. Continuous Purchases by Referred User:

    • Scenario: User C refers User D. User D makes an eligible purchase every 6 days consistently.

    • Outcome: Each purchase resets the 7-day countdown, so User C continues to receive a 5% commission on each of User D's purchases.

  3. Referrer with Required Character Tier:

    • Scenario: User E, who owns several Epic characters, refers User F. User F makes a qualifying purchase within the first week.

    • Outcome: Since User E meets the character tier requirement (owning a Rare or above character), they receive the 5% commission on User F's purchase.

Examples of Cases Where Users Do Not Receive Rewards:

  1. Referred User's Delayed First Purchase:

    • Scenario: User G refers User H. User H registers but makes their first eligible purchase on the 8th day after registration.

    • Outcome: User G does not receive a commission because the purchase occurred outside the 7-day window.

  2. Referrer Lacks Required Character Tier:

    • Scenario: User I, who only owns Normal-tier characters, refers User J. User J makes an eligible purchase within 7 days.

    • Outcome: Despite User J's compliant purchase, User I does not receive a commission due to not owning a Rare or above character.

  3. Violation of Terms and Conditions:

    • Scenario: User K, who meets all program requirements, refers several users, but engages in activities that violate XIdol's terms and conditions.

    • Outcome: XIdol terminates User K’s participation in the program, and they do not receive any commissions, even for valid referrals.

  4. Ineligible Purchases by Referred User:

    • Scenario: User L refers User M. User M registers and makes a purchase, but the purchase is not considered eligible under the referral program's terms.

    • Outcome: User L does not receive a commission as the purchase by User M does not qualify under the program rules.

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